Romance Writers – Tips and Ideas: Romantic Scenes


When I first started writing romance my books were full of caresses and gasps.  Luckily the internet came to my rescue.  Here are a few suggestions for turning up the heat!

Replacing caress :

Cuddle, squeeze, pat, feel, pet, stroke, touch, rub, brush, slide, sweep, whisk,

rub, graze, nudge, tap, grope, fondle, tickle.

Replacing gasp :

Gulp, pant, exclaim, moan, whimper, sigh, wail, inhale, exhale, cry, murmur,

whisper, huff, pant.

Putting it in :

Enter, penetrate, insert, slide in.

Moving it around :

Pummel, thrust, poke, hump, gyrate, push, pull, ram, enter.

Useful words for mouths and tongues :

Lick, taste, ripple, slide, bite, nibble, nip, chew, salivate, kiss, peck, embrace, smack.

How do you feel?

Excited, delighted, enthusiastic, passionate, aroused, stimulated, stirred, steamy, wild, pleased, ecstatic, awoken, spurred, teased, inflamed, provoked, thrilled, electrified, hot, horny, inspired, pleasured, loving, amorous, erotic, desirous, lustful, sultry, turned-on, wanton, ravenous, satisfied, relaxed.

Tired, disappointed, anxious, nervous, exhausted, wiped out, discouraged, dissatisfied, frustrated.

Movement :

Bounce, plunge, go-down, slide, hump, push, jerk, dance, rise, twitch, sit, stand, roll, lean, lift, pull (out), grab, gyrate, leap, tickle, jump, shift, switch, tumble, propel, perch, squat.

How to do it :

Gently, hard, softly, lightly, smoothly, gradually, constantly, continuously, deliberately, calmly, savagely, strongly, boisterously, energetically, fiercely, intensely, powerfully, violently, tenderly, smoothly, gingerly, daintily, cautiously, subtly, deftly, freely, willfully, carelessly, delicately, quietly, loudly, timidly, soothingly.

Parts (I personally just tell it like it is, but in case you want to go subtle…) :

Bulge, nub, swelling, protrusion, prominence, curves, curtains, bud, tip, shaft, lips.

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