Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Charish Reid

Hi and welcome to the Countdown to Valentine’s day series of romance author interviews. My first guest is Charish Reid, author of The Write Escape and the recently released Hearts on Hold.


Hi, Charish. Let’s start by talking about your new book. Do you think Victoria and John, from Hearts on Hold, would celebrate Valentine’s Day, if so how?

Even though Victoria is very good at dates and schedules, I have a feeling she’d still forget about Valentine’s Day. When it’s John who reminds her, she’d probably feel embarrassed! She’d probably scramble to make last minute plans just to prove she still has her act together.

What would be something romantic that John would do for Victoria?

John would most likely take Victoria to the university greenhouse for an after-hours private dinner amongst her favorite orchids.

If you haven’t already, would you consider writing a Valentine’s Day themed book or novella? Do you think this is a must for a romance writer?

I don’t think the holiday is a must for romance authors. I managed to make Halloween pretty damn sexy in my book Hearts on Hold. But I could see myself writing about Valentine’s Day as well! I would just like to make it funny…and then romantic.

So tell me a little about you, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you think your opinion on it influences how you might write about it?

I’ve never actually cared for Valentine’s Day. I certainly didn’t care about it when I was single, but even after being married for a decade, I think it puts too much pressure on people to perform. I’m sorry that’s not very romantic! If I write about it, I think there will be more hi-jinks and blunders before it gets romantic.

So you won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day then?

Oof…*cringe face* Neither my husband nor I have planned anything (that I’m aware of), but luckily it falls on a Friday this year! I have the whole weekend to throw something together, lol!

Excluding your partner, who would be your ideal Valentine’s Day date? Where would you take them?

Since Romancelandia can’t get enough of him right now, I choose Henry Cavill. I want to go to a fancy restaurant where the chef makes a tasting menu of eight-courses.

What is the most romantic gift you have ever given?

I had to ask my husband, since “romantic” is in the eye of the beholder. According to him, he thinks I’m romantic everyday when I give him a kiss, first thing in the morning and right before he goes to sleep. I’m going to take him at his word, lol!

That is so sweet. Is your husband a bit of a romantic too?

When my then-boyfriend and I were walking home, one wintry night, he stopped along the way, took my hand, and said: “We need to get married!” with a goofy grin on his face. I was drunk at the time and said yes. The next morning, when I asked him if last night’s declaration was still on the table, he kissed me and said “of course!” We got married about four months later.

Aw, that’s pretty romantic! Thank you Charish.

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of Hearts on Hold (and why not, what are you waiting for?) here’s a little teaser to show you what you’re missing…


What happens in the stacks stays in the stacks…

Professor Victoria Reese knows an uphill battle when she sees one. Convincing her narrow-minded colleagues at the elite Pembroke University to back a partnership with the local library is a fight she saw coming and already has a plan for. What she didn’t see coming? The wildly hot librarian who makes it clear books aren’t the only thing he’d like to handle.

When a tightly wound, sexy-as-hell professor proposes a partnership between his library and her university, children’s department head John Donovan is all for it. He knows his tattoos and easygoing attitude aren’t quite what she expected, but the unmistakable heat between them is difficult to resist.

And then there’s the intriguing late fee on her record. For the Duke’s Convenience… A late fee and a sexy romance novel? There’s more to Dr. Reese than she’s letting on.

John might like to tease her about her late fee, but when he teases her in other ways, Victoria is helpless to resist. Mixing business with pleasure—and oh, it is pleasure—always comes with risks, but maybe a little casual fun between the sheets is just what Victoria needs.

Hearts on Hold,

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