Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Lucy Hudson

Hi, welcome to day two of my Countdown to Valentine’s Day romance author interviews. Today we’re talking to Lucy Hudson, author of the Falling for You series and the Happy Holidays series.


In The Star Spangled Weekend we got to meet Everly and Wick. do you think they would celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Everly and Wick would TOTALLY celebrate Valentine’s Day. But more in a let’s order food and eat naked in the living room rather than a fancy restaurant sort of way.

What would be something romantic Wick would do for Everly?

On their first Valentine’s Day, Everly and Wick would both give each other old school mysteries, as that’s what they bonded over during their bookstore meet-cute.

Ooh, as an author I very much approve of giving books as gifts! So let’s talk about you,  how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you think your opinion on it influences how you might write about it?

I feel fine about Valentine’s Day. Right now, with four little kids, it’s more about them than my husband and I. We do still do try to go out near the actual day. Our dang babysitter has a boyfriend and usually has plans. More about the second half of that question below.

So, in your Happy Holidays series you’ve written about the 4th of July and Halloween is there a Valentine’s Day book planned?

I have one in the works. It won’t be ready for this Valentine’s Day, but it will be coming out Valentine’s Day 2021. It’s friends-to-lovers and one of them absolutely hates Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of disliking a day dedicated to romance, but being dragged into your own anyway.

You mentioned four little kids, does that leave you any time to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

During the day, there will be lots of valentines making and chocolate eating with the children. Fingers crossed we can get someone to watch our kids so we can grab dinner alone! But, if not, we’ll probably order some fancy food and Netflix and chill after bedtime, wink wink.

So, if you can’t get a sitter, which fantasy date would take you out on Valentine’s Day and where would the lucky guy take you?

Ooooh I just watched The Witcher so I’m going to have to go Henry Cavill. And I’m going to be predictable and say Paris.

Henry is a popular date choice, Charish Reid chose him yesterday too! Paris is such a romantic place, have you ever been there?

When we were twenty, hubs and I went to Paris for Valentine’s Day. We had no money and stayed in a crappy hotel, but it was still amazing. We fell in love with the city and made the most of our three days, exploring every last corner!

Your husband sounds very romantic, is that always the case?

When I told my husband I was pregnant with our first baby, he went out and got me flowers and three jars of olives. I had eaten nothing but olives for the last two days because of cravings and it was so sweet. He also gave me a heating pad the size of my back that Valentine’s Day when I was pregnant and miserable. He gives very creative gifts.

Thank you so much Lucy.  If you can’t get to Paris and you’re feeling the February chill why don’t you warm up with Lucy’s summer romance?

The Star-Spangled Weekend high res

One Hot Weekend…

For Everly Patterson, a trip home to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the Fourth of July weekend usually means food, fireworks, and deflecting her mother’s questions about her lack of a relationship. But this year, a few minutes at the bookstore has her all hot and bothered, and it’s not because of a romance novel.

Wick Holstein was trying to get a weekend away from work with some college buddies, that is until a gorgeous, redheaded bookworm caught his eye. Oh, he’ll be passing on beers and brats with the boys if it means gazing at this bombshell.

With an attraction and connection neither of them could deny, can Everly and Wick dodge nosy parents, escape work that won’t stay at home, and beat the ever-approaching end to the weekend?

This book is light on conflict, high on steam, and guaranteed to leave you smiling!

The Star-Spangled Weekend is a standalone novella with no cliffhangers, an HEA. Not intended for audiences under 18.

Barnes and Noble

Available soon on Kobo and IBooks.

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