Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Lauren H Mae

Hi, welcome to day three of my Countdown to Valentine’s Day romance author interviews. Today we’re talking to Lauren H Mae, author of The Catch.


Hi Lauren, your first novel, The Catch, came out last month, it feels like Josh and Cat only just got together. Do you think they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Josh and Cat would definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day, but they don’t do the fancy dinner reservation thing. They make a nice dinner at home and let things develop from there.

What would be something romantic Josh would do for Cat?

Josh is pretty traditional, so he’s going to send Cat flowers at work. But he’s not boring, so they’ll be peonies instead of roses—a nod to the first flowers he brought her.

Cat is the type to let the day go by casually, but surprise Josh with some new red lingerie that night.

They sound like they’re fans of the holiday. What about you though, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you think your opinion on it influences how you might write about it?

I actually hate Valentine’s Day and I have another heroine in a WIP that feels the same way and expresses it. It was fun to write that, but I can put aside my dislike for the characters who I think would enjoy it. Especially the ones who enjoy it reluctantly, like Cat.

If you haven’t already, would you consider writing a Valentine’s Day themed book or novella? Do you think this is a must for a romance writer?

I hope it’s not a must! I can’t bring myself to do it. Christmas novella? I’m in.

If you’re not a Valentine’s Day fan, is the 14th just another day for you? What have you got planned?

Stealing the kids’ candy from their classroom parties. My husband usually buys me flowers which is sweet.

Is there a fantasy celebrity date who could convince you to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I would use any excuse to go on a date with Andrew Lincoln. I would just walk around listening to him talk.

What is the most romantic gift you have ever given?

Oh wow. This interview is making me realize I’m the least romantic romance author ever! I asked my husband to answer this and he said having his kids was the most romantic thing I’ve given him. I think that answer might be a runner-up for the next question.

What is the most romantic gesture your husband has ever done for you?

When I had surgery a few months ago, my husband texted me while I was under, having a full on, one-sided conversation. I woke up to all of the text messages. It was the sweetest, most genuine gesture.


Thanks Lauren, your husband sounds like a sweetheart, I guess Andrew Lincoln will just have to find something else to do on the 14th!

Lauren’s book, The Catch, came out only a few weeks ago, just in time to treat yourself to a little Valentine’s Day romance reading. Here’s a little resume to get you in the mood for this hot summer romance.


The Catch

Catia Roday has learned the hard way that love always disappoints, so when she finds herself falling for Josh Rideout—the handsome, charming, seemingly-perfect guy she just met on vacation—only to find out they hail from neighboring towns, she has one question: what’s the catch?

Unwilling to let love make a fool of her again, Cat tries desperately to ignore the chemistry between her and Josh, but it isn’t easy when their vacation plans keep overlapping. With the universe constantly throwing them together, and her friends practically staging an intervention to tell her she’s making a huge mistake, she decides to prove her point once and for all. On the way home, she makes a bet. She’ll take her budding vacation romance back to the real world, and when she proves Josh is too good to be true, she wins! (And she avoids another heartbreak.)

What ensues is a series of tests and games with Josh one step ahead of her the whole time, until Cat realizes the friendly wager has her betting against the one man who may be able to revive her faith in love. Worse yet, it turns out Josh might not be the gambling type.

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