Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Sara Ohlin

Hi, welcome to day four of my Countdown to Valentine’s Day romance author interviews. Today we’re talking to Sara Ohlin, author of the Rescue Me series and Handling The Rancher, the first in the Graciella series. Her latest novel, Seducing the Dragonfly, is available for pre-order now.


Hi Sara, we’re all excited to go back to Graciella and meet Lily and Turner in March. In the meantime will they be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I have a feeling Lily, in Seducing the Dragonfly, would try to fly under the radar for Valentine’s Day, but would secretly love it if Turner surprised her with a fabulous romantic day full of surprises. And Turner would be all about celebrating a love holiday. After finding Lily, I feel like he’s going to be acting like a kid on Christmas morning enjoying all the holidays with her.

Sounds like Turner is a bit of a romantic. What would he surprise Lily with on the 14th?

In Seducing the Dragonfly, Turner is all about wooing Lily, even after she’s fallen under his love spell. And I think for their first Valentine’s Day he would surprise her with a trip to Germany, somewhere he knows well, but she’s never been. I imagine it would be snowing and they’d tuck into all the lovely small restaurants and sit next to each other to enjoy wonderful food and wine, like in a city similar to Munich. They’d tour all the amazing architecture and museums. And of course there would be a fabulous hotel with a fabulous bed!

That does sound romantic. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

I love the romance aspect of Valentine’s Day. Love and happily ever after. I think there’s a lot of pressure for people, though around the holiday and that can be stressful and often highlight loneliness.

Before I met my husband, when I didn’t have a special date for Valentine’s Day, I made cards and sweets for my friends because I enjoy the love aspect of the holiday, and putting love out into the world, even if it isn’t romantic.

That is so sweet of you. I imagine you’d be up for writing a Valentine’s Day book then?

I would love to! Especially a story involving sweets to really play with the senses and food and how amazing foods can connect us. I almost always play up the food aspects in my romance novels anyway, but a Valentine’s Day one would be so much fun.

You’re clearly a romantic, what do you and your husband get up to on the big day?

My husband and I are actually going out this year. Usually we stay home and cook for each other. But this year we’re going to a special multi-course dinner at a restaurant on Whidbey Island that serves amazing farm to table dishes. Now I just have to find something romantic to wear.

Gosh, you weren’t kidding about loving your romantic food, that sounds delicious. In my other interviews I’ve asked our authors who they might take on a date, in the case of their partner not being available but I think I’ve already guessed your reply.

I’m a dork. I’d probably take a group of girlfriends to Hawaii for a month. No kids, no dishes, no laundry!

A month in Hawaii? Sign me up!

So do you and your husband exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day?

One year I made my husband a photo album of our first few years together including pictures and poems. It was before kids. Seems like a lifetime ago.

And is he a bit of a romantic?

My husband makes me the most amazing coffee every morning and he cleans the French press for me every night. Seems like such a simple act, but it makes my day. Every day.

I’m sure all the coffee drinkers out there would agree that that’s pretty sweet. Thanks Sara.

If you want to learn a bit more about Lily and Turner, take a look below then click on the pre-order link. Only a month to go.


Can an independent, successful designer learn to trust her heart with the one man who crushed it twelve years ago?

After twelve years away, international real-estate guru, Turner Brockman finally returns home to the Oregon town of Graciella to annihilate the ghosts from his past of growing up as cruel patriarch, T.D. Brockman’s favorite son. Intending only to make amends with his family for disappearing, Turner’s balance is tipped off kilter when he encounters independent, creative Dragonfly Design & Construction owner, Lily Moreno, who can’t stand Turner and isn’t shy about showing it.

Unknown to Turner, Lily fell in love with Turner as a girl and before he left, he crushed her heart, crushed her love, crushed her desire to ever trust a man again. Creating and owning the top construction company on the West Coast and loving her friends and family are Lily’s only desires. Afraid to take a chance on true love again, Lily has no desire to reconnect with Turner, or so she tells herself. Even while acknowledging the intense chemistry between them, and giving in to it, she slams her heart closed after every encounter.

Welcomed back into the beauty of Graciella and the family farm with love and open arms, Turner falls quickly for Lily and wants to make a home with her. He faces his greatest challenge seducing Lily into trusting him completely. Will his intense love, patience and good old-fashioned wooing be enough to make Lily fall?

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