Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Coco Thrift

Hi and welcome to the sixth and final romance author interview in the Countdown to Valentine’s Day. today I’ll be talking to Coco Thrift, author of the first in a new series of paranormal novellas, Half Moon Academy: Demon Daze.


Do you think Delta and her suitors would celebrate Valentine’s Day, if so how?

Well, I’ve got about one woman and four hotties since it’s a reverse harem for this series, so buckle up!

Our main woman, Delta, is a scrappy young agent for a supernatural agency that’s meant to protect the world from overall mayhem. If she was in a relationship, she’d demand a cheap buffet restaurant and some nice whiskey on the rocks with plenty of kisses… too bad she’s busy with her job of busting baddies.

Atlas: Our main bad boy, Atlas, is a vampire so he’s way too cool (and undead) to find much joy in Valentine’s Day besides sucking some necks on occasion. He’s not lurking out of windows to watch young maidens sleep… they usually come to him.

Vine: Actually, I think the playboy, Vine, would actually enjoy Valentine’s Day chocolate but never admit it—he’s a demon. They’re so touchy.

Collin: I love this hot nerd. Think Sherlock meets a naughty version of Newt Scamander with a penchant for evil spells that make him wealthy. OK, scene: You’re flipping through a book in the library. He surprises you. He takes a step toward you, tossing that gorgeous head of blond hair over his sweater. He would be the type to whip out some old obscure poetry while smirking, knowing your knees are going weak. I’m very into these smart types.

Alek: Oh, I’m a sucker for a shifter. We have a wolf shifter because I wanted to write a book with all manner of paranormal men I lusted after as a teenager. Is my series essentially a potluck of hot paranormal men, trotting up to offer their supernatural services? Yes. Yes, it is. Alek might howl at the moon and pledge his devotion after Delta’s won him over.

What would be something romantic Delta would do for any of her sexy dudes?

Oooh, the best part about reverse harems is that you get to write so many hot options. We won’t see lovey dovey romance for a while in this series, but there will be cute scenes among the steamy ones. Paranormal romance means expressions of love happen a bit differently. You know, girl meets guy. Guy has fangs. Girl is a witch. Also, there’s three other guys. They have steamy moments and live happily ever after.

Delta would be smart enough to cater her romantic gestures. After all, you can’t invite a vampire out to a lovely Italian dinner because of the garlic. I think her biggest gesture would be to open up because she’s a closed-off person. I love writing complex women.

I never thought about the fact that vampire’s can’t eat Italian food, lol. A little bit about you now, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

I like Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat chocolate and a fine dinner, but I basically like anything as an excuse to eat. For the actual holiday, I don’t think about it too much. It’s cute, but I think there’s so much pressure to have a good time, which I don’t like.

So does this mean you’d consider writing a Valentine’s Day themed book or novella?

Oh, for sure. I have some contemporary WIPs that need some dusting off or I could see myself doing a Valentine’s Day novella for one of my future series. I don’t think it’s a must for a romance writer, but I do think it can be fun.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate, wine, and dinner. Or eating leftover takeout food for a date at home.

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day date consist of, money no option

I was super extra when it comes to some holidays when I was younger. If I had the time and the money, I’d been known to plan intricate scavenger hunts and the like. I’m more into chill holidays now though, so I’d just opt for a nice dinner and something intellectually fun. If I had my ideal conditions, I’d love to do a full day date. Coffee shop with some brunch, trip to a bookstore, outing to some cute shop or gallery, then following it up with lots of conversation before a lovely restaurant dinner at some cozy hole-in-the-wall place.

A scavenger hunt? That’s awesome. Have you ever done one for anybody?

I did a complete scavenger hunt for my first high school boyfriend. We went to a boarding school and our campus was shared with the local college, so there was a lot of room to leave hints. I arranged about eighteen different clues and he was psyched to do it. I worked so hard on the hunt and I think it took him a few hours to complete. There were math problems, puzzles left with other people, library hints to decode… I told you I was extra. I hand-drew and designed many of the hints.

That sounds pretty romantic, has anybody ever done anything as romantic as that for you?

Ooh, I have a good one. In college, I dated this super sweet guy. At one point, I mentioned that when I was a young girl, I was obsessed with both Pocahontas and cherry coke. I know, I know. Weird combination, but I promise it makes sense in the end. I went on a lot of hikes when I was kid during one summer with my dad’s girlfriend. She used to tell me that Pocahontas ran through our forest and that if I was lucky, one day I could see her. I never caught her, but she did leave me gifts. She would “hide” cherry coke cans for me to find in the forest. I used to get so EXCITED about Pocahontas and her apparent need to caffeinate me.

So, I told this college boyfriend that, and didn’t think much more of it. I got to bed the night before Valentine’s Day and think I heard some weird noises around my front door but chalked it up to my roommate. I walk outside to head to class and what greets me?

A heart made entirely of suspended cherry coke cans hanging from the overhang of my front porch! In each coke can, he hid a chocolate heart. It was so sweet. I was over the moon with it, because I love big gestures. We only dated for about half a year, but I still think back fondly to it! It was so unique!

Thank you Coco, just goes to show that romance isn’t about how much you spend it’s all about the thought that goes into it.

Coco’s first book in her new series is out on Valentine’s Day, here’s a little taster to get you clicking on the link below…


Delta Moore likes spiced rum, her leather jacket, and busting supernatural baddies. As the youngest investigator of the Otherworldly Association, she uses her half-witch powers to get to the bottom of crimes. She kicks butt at her job, but her boss is about to hand over her biggest challenge yet.

Her mission? Infiltrate Half Moon Academy, a renowned supernatural university with some suspicious activities. The headmistress wants Delta to investigate The Four, a group of extremely powerful and drop-dead gorgeous supernatural dudes.

After disastrous first meetings with The Four, Delta realizes this mission might be more dangerous than she imagined. The Four seem intent on luring her into bed…and she’s not sure she can resist the call.

Half Moon Academy is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance for 18+ and filled with delicious dialogue, sizzling moments, and fun characters that will leave you wanting more. It includes supernatural types of all kinds: witches, wizards, vampire, werewolves, demons, and more!



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