Writing Tips – Negative Emotions

How can we express negative emotions without using…I felt guilty/angry/afraid/stressed?


What does guilt feel like? Heavy? Embarassing? Uncomfortable?

Shoulders drooping, downcast. The heavy burden of undeniable guilt.

Where are they feeling the guilt? Shoulders, gut?

The guilt ate away at me, piece by piece. A hollow shell of my former self.

How do they express rage? Shouting, screaming, hitting, punching?

She left. It was only a matter of time before his mistook her face for a wall. No amount of cheap plaster could fix that.

How does anger make them feel?

Nails digging so deep into my palms they drew blood. I smiled. Never, not in a million fucking years, would I give him the satisfaction.

What are they afraid of?

Clowns. Of course, it had to be clowns. Spiders and snakes I could handle, but greasepaint and squeaky red noses, never. Not today, Krusty, not today.

What are the signs of stress?

Rob clutched his chest, forced out another labored sigh.
“You okay, mate?”
“Yeah, just a bit tired.”
I walked over to his desk, pressed a hand into his shoulder. “Go home, mate. Put your feet up, treat the wife to a takeaway. This can wait until tomorrow.”
He nodded, didn’t even reply. Even the will to argue had been sucked out of him.

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