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Hi, Amelia, welcome to my blog.

I suppose this summer is a little peculiar for most people, how will you be spending it?

I live in Australia, so my “summer”; is actually winter. I’ll be spending it bundled up under some blankets with a glass of wine and a good romance.


(Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash)

Are you more of a beach person, a tourist destination person or do you prefer to holiday in the countryside?

A little bit of all of it! I’m from California, so loving the beach is in my blood. But I’m also a bit of a nomad and love to see new cities and places. If I’m trying to recharge my batteries, it’s a quiet cabin somewhere in the countryside with just me, the dog and the hubby.

Where is your favorite summer holiday spot?

Hmmm, I’ve traveled a lot but I’d have to say my favorite summer spot is Tuscany. It’s absolutely beautiful with rolling hills and Cyprus trees.


(Photo by Greta Farnedi on Unsplash)

Let’s go back further in time, did you ever have a summer romance?

I wish! That sounds so romantic. All my relationships seemed to fizzle out at the end of the school year. Guess it wasn’t true love!

My kids love going to summer camp, did you ever go to camp for summer vacation?

I didn’t go to summer camp, but I was a camp counselor one year. I ended up with a cabin full of 10 year old boys! They were a hoot. And a handful.

That does sound like a handful! Assuming this summer is quieter than that one, what will you be reading?

Everything!!! I’m devouring most of Lauren Landish’s back list right now. Lucy Score and R.S. Gre are some of my favorite funny reads.

Do you have any favorite summer romances?

Is it lame if I say one of my own books?

Oh go on, just this once!

Truce? Hating Elijah Monroe is about surviving the summer moving back home to a small town. It’s quick and light and funny. A perfect read for a day at the beach. But I admit I might be biased.

What about food and drink, do you have a favorite summer dish, or drink?

Sangria. Oh my gosh, sangria over ice with a slice of orange is heaven on a hot summer day! And tacos. Mmmm. Tacos.


(Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash)

Sounds delicious, how do you make your Sangria?

This is one of my favorite Sangria recipes. But I use rum for sure!

To finish off what advice would you give to our readers so that they have a great summer?

Embrace the nap. Siestas are what make life worth living.

Thanks Amelia. I’m going to take your advice and go have a lovely nap, in the meantime, you can read on to find out a bit more about Amelia’s latest release…


This is So Happening

Amelia Kingston

Releasing August 4th

Book two in the So Far, So Good series.

A torturously tempting love story.

Jessica “Jessie” Allen is sugary sweet and perpetually perky. Running on an endless supply of enthusiasm, she’s in constant motion. The people pleaser is running herself ragged to make other people happy, anything to avoid having to figure out what would make her happy.
Devin Bennett is her complete opposite, the immovable object to Jessie’s unstoppable force.
Jessie is drawn to him like a valley girl to an outlet mall, but Devin dodges her advances better than a UFC fighter. The tall, dark, tattooed and brooding mechanic hates change and the perky blond co-ed shoving it down his throat. The longer she’s around, the harder it is to keep his hands off her perfect body and his lips away from her sassy mouth.
For the first time in her life Jessie knows what she wants. Devin Bennett. And she’s not above torturing him with temptation to make it happen.

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