Summer of Love – Cocktail hour

Hi everybody, it’s my turn to post a cocktail recipe today and I’m sharing one of my favorites.

Did you know that 99% of romance authors are addicted to diet coke? I’m kidding, but it’s certainly a favourite amongst the members of Romancelandia. Maybe this advert had something to do with it?


I wanted to up my diet coke game during lockdown and so I mixed different cocktails until I found one which worked for me. It’s similar to a Long Island Tea and certainly hits the sport during hot summer evenings on the patio.



(Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash)


Cola (whatever brand tickles your fancy, I always drink Diet Coke)



Lime juice


Fill two-thirds of a long glass with cola. Add one full measure of tequila (1 and a 1/2 ounces) and one half measure of cointreau.

Add a splash of lime juice to taste and a slice of lemon or lime to decorate.

Take a sip and enjoy the summer sun!


(Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash)

Whilst we’re here, haaaave you met Hank? He’s the sexy billionaire in my book, The Billionaire & The Princess. Hank isn’t really a cocktail drinker, he’s more likely to gulp down a cold beer after a hard day renovating old houses.

The Billionaire and his Princess(2)

Check out my book here.

All I have to do is catch a plane, move to Sag Harbor and start my new job as editor of a brand new society magazine. That’s what I’ve promised myself. New life, new me. No more Mr. Wrong.
So when I meet a handsome gentleman on the plane, after a couple of drinks, I’m going to walk away, right? I’m certainly not going to try and join the mile-high club with him.
If it turns out he’s my boss and the youngest son of one of the biggest media moguls in America it doesn’t matter, he won’t remember me in the morning, anyway.
I’m just going to do my job. No serenading him. No succumbing to his sweet charms and absolutely no falling in love with him.
And, well, if he happens to fall in love with me, I’m just going to say no, right?

Follow Hank and Caitlyn’s adventures in Sag Harbor, along with the Baresi family and all of Hank’s friends from Billionaire Lane in THE BILLIONAIRE & THE PRINCESS, Book 1 in the Sag Harbor series.





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