Summer of Love – P. Stormcrow


Today’s guest on the Summer of Love blog is P. Stormcrow.

I suppose this summer is a little peculiar for most people, how will you be spending it?

It is a rather unique and hard time for all of us, isn’t it? Normally, I’d be spending the summer wandering everywhere and taking trips to nearby islands but given that we also just had a new baby, as well as the pandemic going on, we’re sticking a little closer to home. That said, besides writing and prepping for my summer releases, we’ll still be trying to go to lots of nearby parks and beaches.

Are you more of a beach person, a tourist destination person or do you prefer to holiday in the countryside?

Honestly, I’d prefer a holiday in a quiet place, so more countryside though priority now has been to make sure there are things to do with the kids. To me, there’s nothing better than a small BnB, then exploring a new place in a small town, having lived in bigger cities all my life myself.


(Photo by tatonomusic on Unsplash)

In previous years have you gone anywhere exciting over the summer?

I tend to travel more in off-seasons or Christmas time, but I do remember a few awesome trips including cruises to Alaska and Hawaii for a friend’s wedding. The Hawaiian trip was in particular memorable, not just because of the wedding but because we did a lot of interesting things on a tour in Maui. It was my first time swimming in a cave and we got to experience local life,

Let’s go back further in time, did you ever have a summer romance?

I did have a summer romance that started as a friend’s birthday barbeque. Little did I know that our mutual friend was trying to hook him up with another girl at the party. We ended up hooking up, and she hooked up with another guy in the party. That summer romance eventually became our marriage. The other couple got married too. Now we all hang out together all the time, even with that birthday boy.

My kids love going to summer camp, did you ever go to camp for summer vacation?

I have bad flashbacks of camp! When I immigrated to Canada, I barely spoke English. My parents though YMCA summer camps would be a good way to learn English. I spent the entire summer unable to articulate what I needed. I ended up on the pirate ship at the local big rides fair, PNE, as a six year old and I freaked out. The operator had to stop the whole ride to let me get off.

That, however, is not going to stop me from sending my kids to summer camp when they are older!


(Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash)

What about food and drink, do you have a favorite summer dish, or drink?

Give me pina coladas all the way. I also love a Japanese seasame sauced udon and a light pickled cucumber.

To finish off, what advice would you give to our readers so that they have a great summer?

If you’re like me and live in an apartment with no air conditioning, did you know a pool of water can act as a heat sink?  Plus the water can be reused in things like watering plants. It will help to cool off a small area for a while.

Thanks for sharing, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that, I’m taking note!

Read on to find out about P’s new release, The Knots that Hold…


The Knots that Hold-1

Buy it here,


He’s a Dom, famous for his skills with rope.

She’s a journalist, pretending to be a Domme.

What could possibly go wrong?

Elijah Lee, world-renowned shibari master, devotes his life to his art, bringing out the beauty of the human body using his skills with ropes and knots. And although he has played with and tied up many, in and outside of the bedroom, no submissive has ever bound his heart in return. That is, until he attends a summer fetish convention and runs into the mysterious Saskia Mason, who introduces herself as a Domme.

Sarah Wicker would do anything to get her first feature story in the women’s magazine she works for. That’s the only reason she said yes to her boss when he asked her to write a piece covering the BDSM lifestyle. Assuming a carefully crafted but totally made-up persona, she dives into the world of whips and chains, but the last thing she expects is a hookup with anyone, much less a famous and demanding Dom. Only, he knows her as Saskia, the sassy Domme she’s pretending to be.

Now they each must figure out if they can overcome each other’s baggage and deceit to forge a bond that will last beyond the heat of the beachside convention. Because the only knots worth tying are the ones that are strong enough to hold.


1 thought on “Summer of Love – P. Stormcrow”

  1. Fantastic interview! It’s been a strange summer all around. I would love to go to a BnB and explore little towns. But with kids, yeah, summer camp!


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