Summer of Love – Elizabeth Hollows


Today I’m joined by the gorgeous Elizabeth Hollows. Welcome, Elizabeth.

Are you more of a beach person, a tourist destination person or do you prefer to holiday in the countryside?

While I love the beach, I’d prefer a countryside holiday. There’s something calming to be found lying in a hammock with a cool drink, some shade and a good book. I’d happily laze around like that all day.

In previous years have you gone anywhere exciting over the summer?

I once followed a music festival up the West Coast of America with some friends. It was so much fun, but I remember seeing people’s shoes melt to the ground in Las Vegas. That was a little bit too hot!

That sounds incredible. I don’t know if I’m a fan of shoe-meltingly hot weather though!

My kids love going to summer camp, did you ever go to camp for summer vacation (the summer holidays)?

I never went to summer camp or on summer vacation. I grew up in Cairns, Australia. It was summer all year round. I lived five minutes from the beach and I used to love walking on the sand and climbing the various rocky outcrops to look out at the ocean and check the tide pools. There was nothing quite like the spray of the sea as you watched the waves break.


(Photo by David Clode on Unsplash)

What’s on your summer reading list this year?

Oh, there are too many titles to pick! Pride Publishing and Totally Bound have a Rules of Summer collection and I’m eyeing off a number of them. But, I should probably finish the books I’m already reading. My biggest problem is being distracted by a sudden shiny idea for a new novel.

The bain of being a writer, a head full of new ideas when you’ve already got a pile of unfinished WIPs and TBRs!

What’s your ideal summer food?

Vanilla ice-cream in a waffle cone will always mean summer to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re by the pool, walking along a boardwalk or sitting in the park. A good ice-cream cone is that perfect summer indulgence.


(Photo by Wine Dharma on Unsplash)

I’m posting several cocktail recipes; do you have a favorite cocktail to sip by the pool?

I love to drink a good Moscow Mule. It’s cool and refreshing with that perfect zing of lime and ginger.

(I found a recipe for anybody who wants to try

To finish off what advice would you give to our readers so that they have a great summer?

There can never be too much sunscreen; I speak as someone with very pale skin!  And if you want something cool and sweet on a hot day, one of my favourite childhood memories is being given frozen grapes by my mother. They were an easy, healthy snack my brother and I would eat to cool down.

 Excellent advice for sunscreen. I burn terribly if I haven’t got my factor 50! Thank you Elizabeth. I’m off for an ice-cream now, yum!

You can pre-order Elizabeth’s book, Return to Duty here,



Jay never thought attraction would get him into so much trouble. First an explosion, now a spy agency. This man had better be worth it.

Jay is a thief with a past he’s trying to forget. He just wants to relax, have fun and flirt with attractive men. He has spent the last few weeks on his favorite moon doing just that with the handsome waiter who works at the local diner. Bryce has shown clear interest in him but has suddenly changed his tune. Jay wants to know why.

He doesn’t expect that his persistence will find him witnessing a kidnapping and escaping the burning diner before it explodes.

Fleeing the moon to avoid being killed wasn’t in Jay’s plan. Neither was being caught by a spy agency and thrown in a cell. Things are going from bad to worse and Jay is soon forced to face his past to protect his future.

And to place the cherry on the cake, he finally finds out why Bryce stopped flirting with him.

As if he needed any more surprises.


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