Christmas Recipe – Jaqueline snowe

Starting off our twelve days of delicious treats and delights is Jaqueline Snowe author of Internship with the Devil, amongst many others.

Here she shares a favorite family recipe…

Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts are a STAPLE of our family holidays. They are easy to make, smell amazing, and are the perfect thing to bring to any potluck.

What you need:

  • a box of toothpicks
  • two cans of water chestnuts (halved or whole–all depends on how much crush you want)
  • one pack of bacon
  • baking sheet

So, fun story. My dad was a chef for a while when I was a kid so lots of things I know how to make didn’t come from recipes, more, they came from watching him cook. So there are some steps that take a few trials and errors to get it right. Totally worth it though. 

Once you have the materials, you want to cut the bacon in half and open up the cans of water chestnuts.

Wrap the half-piece of bacon around the water chest-nut and secure it with the toothpick. It’s easy to slide the toothpick in at an angle so you have an easy way to flip the bacon so both sides get cooked. Once you use every piece of bacon, you should have a full baking sheet of them. Again, unsure the amount but we use every ounce of bacon we can.

While you’re finishing up wrapping the bacon around the water chestnuts, turn the broiler on in the stove. Let it get hot.

Then put the baking sheet with all the pieces on it into the stove. I would set a timer for about 3 minutes and then check. Our stove is REALLY hot so it goes fast, but you’ll need to use your judgement. Once the bacon starts to crisp on one side, take out the sheet and flip them. Do it again another 3 minutes, then check. 

It’s easy to burn them if you forget they are in there. If three minutes seems too long, do 2 minute intervals and check on them. Because my dad doesn’t believe in writing down recipes, it took me two tries to get the timing right for our stove but it’s soooo worth it. They are delicious and go SO fast at holiday gatherings!

You can find out more about Jaqueline Snowe here.

Her latest book, Sliding Home is available here.

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