Content Warnings (all books)

Please find below the content warnings for all of my published books.

MC refers to Main Characters.

Please note that ALL of my books contain sexual relationships of an adult nature (ALWAYS consensual), and swearing.

Hat Trick – drug use (marijuana), the book opens with the burial of a favorite pet (died from natural causes)

The Last Christmas Cowboy – allusions to cheating (does not happen)

Only One Bed – divorce

Liberating Jane – grief

Kendra’s Keeper – grief, adoption

Sarah’s secret – grief, mild BDSM, mild violence

Joy to Jane – grief

Basic Witch – mild violence

Fallen Angel – mild violence, mild BDSM

All Hell – mild violence

(Un)Loved – none

(Not)Normal – surprise pregnancy (not the MC), mild violence, alcohol abuse (neither of the MCs)

(Mis)Taken – allusions to suicide (in the past, neither of the MCs), drug use (marijuana, neither of the MCs)

Beasts of time – violence resulting in human and werewolf death (not any of the MCs), allusions to sexual assault (does not happen), pregnancy, grief.

Stern Brunch Cinnamon roll – mild BDSM (very mild!)