Hey there! Welcome!

To celebrate the release of my NA romance, (UN)LOVED in March 2022, I’m launching the #lovedchallenge.

This guy right here is Tornado. He helps the heroine of my book, Sophie, learn that everybody deserves love, even if you’re a llama with a penchant for chasing people into piles of goat’s poop! (or a movie star lost in the wilds of Southern France…)

Bringing awareness to mental health issues, especially among young people is vital. The only way to move forward is to rid ourselves of stereotypes and learn how we can work with people affected by mental health issues.

How can you join in?

Well, you can go HERE to my Redbubble page and buy anything from a couple of dollars upwards.

100% of the profits will be divided between two incredible charities (see receipts below, posted when available) :

The Jed Foundation (find out more about them HERE)


C.A.L.M (find out more about them HERE)

Or maybe you could just share the love by telling somebody you love them and adding the #lovedchallenge hashtag. I’m sure it’ll make that person’s day!

Sometimes it’s easy, with life and work and everything else, to forget to remind your friends and family how much they mean to you.

It costs nothing to let somebody know that you care.

We can do this, together!

(I’ll update below on 30/01/2022, with donation receipts)