Excerpt – The Billionaire and The Princess

His ecstatic cries grow louder, releasing his resentment. He relaxes into me, his knees giving way. He pushes harder into me, wanting more, faster. “Hey.” I pull back. “I’m in charge here.”

“Sorry.” He looks down at me and bites his lip as I lower my mouth back onto him, just the tip, my hands doing all the hard work. Leaning on the wall to steady himself, his head thrown back, he shakes and convulses as I bring him to fruition. I pull away and empty him over my breasts.

A blow job for my billionaire boss. So much for fighting the patriarchy.

But Hank isn’t the problem. He’s trapped in a world he simply doesn’t belong to. A world entirely controlled by his father.

I’m not mad at him, I’m not even mad at his family, except Guillermo fucking Baresi. I just can’t see a way forward for us without somebody getting hurt. The more Hank and I fight to make it work, the more we fall for each other and the harder it will be when the truth comes out.

Dropping to his knees, Hank swirls a delicate finger under my chin and lifts my face to his. “How about we take the afternoon off? You’ve been working so hard and I need to make sure you are thoroughly thanked for everything you do around here.”

“You’re going to thank me personally?”

“I am going to thank you long and hard. I am going to thank you and then I’m going to thank you again and just when you think you can’t take any more, I’m going to thank the hell out of you one last time.”

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